Monday, December 20, 2010

Nativity Blocks

I saw this idea online and my mom and I decided to make them last year for each of my siblings, my husbands sister, my best friend and of course a set for ourselves.
We thought it would be the perfect craft that kids can play with and their moms won’t tell them not to touch. It isn’t fancy or anything, but cute!
My dad cut the blocks out and my mom and I painted and mod podged the characters on. The characters are stickers from the Me & My Big Idea collection which i do believe is discontinued now (I found my set on eBay). But new sticker designs are coming out all the time. I would recommend finding a digital set you can print as many times as you would like and cut out. 
Here is my set, sitting on my ugly fireplace... apartment is a rental so nothing I can do about the fireplace. Maybe if you look close enough you can see where previous renters used the wood as a nice place to put their dart board!
Here is my mom's display.

Here is a picture from my best friend Breanne's display. She is renovating her house and doing an amazing job at it. Check her out here.
My sister-in-law kids lost the Jesus block this year. It was a big joke in the family that they were trying to find Jesus this Christmas. So far, Jesus is yet to be found in the Simpson household ;)

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