Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Tree Decorating

I was watching CityLine on Monday and they had Debbie Travis on. She was talking about decorating Christmas trees. 
The best part of the show was when she was talking about how many ornaments you should be putting on a tree. She said that for every foot of height on the tree you should have 10 ornaments. 5 of the 10 are the "core" ordainments which are basic balls. 3 of the 10 should be the "accent" ornaments which are decorative balls and different shaped balls. The last 2 should be the "theme" ornaments. Which I would consider the fun and very different ornaments.
Check out more Debbie Travis tips on the Canadian Tire Website. She can explain better than I can.
I know everyone is different, I think my tree follows this slightly but next year I will try and follow it more closely and see how I feel about the tips. Sadly this year we didn't set up our tree since we were away for all of December. My husband had 4 weeks off school and we picked up and left to spend 2 weeks with my parents and 2 weeks with his parents.
Here are a few pictures from my tree last Christmas.

I Love Christmas!

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