Monday, January 3, 2011


My sister showed me this cute clock she wanted to buy and the crafter in me said, "We can easily make that ourselves".
We got our 40% off coupons for Michael's and went to look at clock hands. They seems too much money even with the coupon. Walmart Super Center was right next door and we found this clock for only $5.

Alyssa bought a piece of scrapbook paper and I used one I had at home. We have been blessed with a very talented father and got him to cut the round base. The picture above shows the back of the clock and how my Dad cut the insert for the clock hand base. Then using some other supplies I already had (vinyl, Mod Podge, Spray Adhesive, Sponge brush, sandpaper and paint) we made our clocks!

The things i learned from doing this project are:
1. Use spray adhesive to glue down large piece of paper and not mod podge. I didn't have the spray adhesive with me the day we started the clocks and my sister used mod podge and it bubbled! I used heavy objects to weigh down the clock and luckily once it dried it flattened.
2. After gluing down the paper and before applying mod podge to the entire clock, use sandpaper and gently sand down the edges. This step blends the paper better into the wood for a more even look.


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