Thursday, January 6, 2011

CSN Stores

We moved to our new apartment in September and for months I looked for a chair for my sons room. I wanted a cute pattern that would go with the colors in his bedding. Since we are living in a small town I was having a hard time finding anything. In the end I made the decision to just find a brown chair that can go with any future baby bedding (I do plan to have more babies and especially a little girl). You think finding a brown chair would be simple... well it wasn't for my price range. Finally I came across an online store that ships to Canada. For all my fellow Canadian's we all know that not all stores ship to Canada, in fact, a lot don't. 
If you don't already know about CSN Stores... check them out! Not everything ships to Canada, but most does.
Here is the chair I bought for the babies room. 
I love it. Simple and very comfortable. To cut down the cost of shipping, the chair had to be put together and it was even more complicated than something from IKEA. BUT I did it all by myself with a baby crawling all over me. In the end, worth it!

**It says Free Shipping on items like furniture, but for my dear Canadian's... this is not the case. Just a heads up, you will be charged shipping but it was only about $30.

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