Sunday, February 27, 2011


I am no sewer, as I have previously blogged about here. But every once and awhile I do something that I am happy with... like my living room curtains!

I looked forever for curtains to purchase, but I couldn't find ones with enough color and pattern that I desired. I finally decided to buy fabric online and try to sew myself some lovely curtains. After I pressed and hemmed all the edges, I put up the curtains thinking I was done, only to see how bad they hung on the rod. 

After going into our bedroom and seeing how my purchased curtains are sewed I realized I needed to add tabs onto the back of the curtain so they will hanging 100% better. 

Way better!


  1. They look great Tara! Way to go and awesome tip about the tabs!

  2. The curtains are so great! I love the fabric. It really is amazing the difference the tabs make....they look professional now.

  3. I love that they are all the way to the floor and the pattern. Great job!! Look at all that snow. Reminds me of my townhome in Utah. Would be weird if we were neighbors... haha


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