Monday, February 7, 2011

Plate Wall

I love plate walls... have wanted one for years. 

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I wanted to put one together for my last place but didn't have the right wall. But here in this place, I have a small wall in my kitchen right above where we placed our microwave and stand (not the prettiest location but it works).  I finally got my last plate at Christmas and it turned out to be my favourite one. Since it was my favourite I applied the glue and the picture hanger hooks to the other 4 plates to make sure it all worked out first before I applied the glue to my favorite plate. It worked! I used the technic Sarah did in one of her recent Sarah 101 episodes.

I hung the first 4 plates and got working on attaching the hook to my last plate (it is to dry for a few days)
Yesterday I was so excited to finally put up the last plate... I felt the glue and it was a tad sticky still, but i thought, oh it will be fine... got home from church and this is what I found! The square plate is my favourite and it feel down and knocked down my second favourite plate. 

You know that feeling when you think.... man what was I thinking, I should have listened to myself!!! And you had no one to be mad at, because you are the only one to blame! Grr! One of the first things my husband said was, well I am glad I didn't do it! 

Patiences is something I need to work on this year. Not rush things... not rush my life, my projects! This last few weeks I feel like I haven't been able to do anything fun. Baby was sick for a week and it was -50 outside with the wind (-58 F) which means, we obviously didn't go outside. I wanted to feel like I did something... and rushed the glue and bang, it all came crashing down. Even put a dent in our microwave. Wonder what the boys in the upstairs apartment thought when they heard the crash??

I am going to try and glue the pieces back together, wish me luck!


  1. Get a big shadow box and glue the broken plate pieces into it! It could be a fresh new trend! Argh, totally know what you mean about rushing projects, sometimes slow and steady is much better.

  2. Oh how heartbreaking!! But you never know... maybe you will find the PERFECT plate that will take you in a totally different direction now! With every door that closes a new one opens!! (But man I know how crummy that feels! ...UGH!) <3

  3. Oh Tara, that makes me want to cry. Those are beautiful plates. I love the look of plate walls but I always have a fear that my kids will knock them over.
    Let us know what you end up doing with it. I sure hope you can glue them together.


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