Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby Room Art

I was watching Sarah 101 and was inspired to do an art wall in Boston's room. The art she used for that episode I already had and was planning on using the same art, but once I started looking around I decided I already had too much art in his room. Just before Christmas we did a photo-shoot of Boston and I decided those pictures would be perfect. 
I used frames I already had, they were purchased at Ikea many years ago at a really good price. This was the art work that the frames came with.

I originally purchased them to displayed graphic paper in the den/scrapbook room of my old condo.

I played with the layout and the paper selection. Since the walls in our apartment are light, I decided I wanted to mat the pictures onto scrapbook paper. I even re-used some of the paper that I originally used in the frames.

Next I hung the pictures!

A little secret... I applied masking tape to the back of the frames that didn't hang right. The frames are cheap and well... the hanger on the back wasn't always in the right spot. Check out this post by Becky Higgins for an easy way to hang a grid of frames. I personally didn't have the extra money to use those Picture Hanging Strips but it would have been way easier.


  1. This looks great! I love doing art projects for kids rooms. I bet my boys would love some pictures of them hung in their room...

  2. What a great idea! I love how it turned out.......Boston is a lucky boy (even if he might now appreciate the fact he has the cutest room ever).

  3. I love Sarah 101, I love her fresh style. Great art idea for Boston's room, with a cute face like that it is ment to be framed!!! His nursery is so adorable.


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