Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Easter and Spring Inspirations

I am back from a long holiday to visit my family! I was amazed at the amount of snow in Sherwood Park. It's been years since I remember that much snow in the backyard. My sister and I bundled up Boston and took him outside to try and grab a few cute photos. He wasn't interested in sitting, just crawling into the endless snow.

My email inbox is full of emails... sent from myself! As I go through the blogs I follow and see something I love, I just email myself the link from my iPhone to my iMac. Then when baby is sleeping and I am sitting down at my computer, I have all the inspiration on my computer waiting for me.
Here are a few wonderful spring and easter finds that are getting my creative side all excited for the snow to go away! 

My friend told me it was too early for Easter decorations... what do you think?

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the insiration! I think i might need to take a trip to home sense to see what I can find.
    I will most likely wait until April 1st to put up easter decor BUT last year we had easter weeks earlier than this year so I am sure my house would have been decorated.....go for it!!
    Can't wait for pics of what you put up.


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