Thursday, April 21, 2011

Clock for Baby Boston's Room

I took this cheap clock from IKEA.

And these three products (plus a few other items).

And created this!

What I did.
1. I primed the clock.
2. Painted it blue.
3. Added a layer of Mod Podge to add shine.
4. Took a piece of scrapbook paper and lined the back of the clock. It was the same paper I used here
5. Used my cricut and vinyl to cut out brown numbers. 
6. Painted the hands of the clock brown.
7. Put it all back together.

Still trying to work at this random wall... the rectangles are bulletin boards. Anyone have any suggestions to make this random wall look better? Maybe more pictures and only one board?

A little side note from what I learned from the clock makeover...
I tired using fabric at first to line the back of the clock. The same fabric that is his bedding. 

But because I had to wrap the fabric around a piece of cardboard to give it stability (see picture below), it made the insert too thick that the clock hands would not rotate properly. I even tried cutting out the majority of the cardboard but that didn't make a difference.

But it the end, it was a good choice to go with the paper. The clock will last a lot longer in the room past when this bedding is no longer in use.


  1. Love it! Gee, can you come and redecorate my kids rooms???

  2. Your clock re do is great!! I love scrapbooking papers! You did a fine job!

  3. The clock (and the wall) look amazing! I'm with Sandra -can you come decorate my house too??


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