Friday, April 1, 2011

Easter Decor and April 1st

It's April 1st, which means its April fools day! I thought about jokes I could play on my husband but nothing tasteful came to my mind. Mostly everything involved pretending Boston was hurt... really hurt.

April 1st also means, only 1 week left and Scott is done this semester :) He only has 3 more classes of his masters which are all this spring/summer but randomly through out May-August. I can't even hide my excitement. I just counted, 7 straight weeks of having Scott home before the school stress starts again!
April does bring some bad as of April 19th, I am done receiving maternity leave pay from the government. I need to go get a job...
Back to the good April 1st brings, I finally felt comfortable (there is still a few feet of snow on the ground) putting out my easter wreath my mom bought me a few years ago.
I also added a few simple spring decor around the house. I am planning to do a few more spring crafts/decor to add to the mix. I have 7 weeks to craft while Boston can be watched by his daddy... kidding(??), I really need to go get a job and not craft for 7 weeks straight (but crafting sounds way more fun that job hunting, right?).
The subway art on my table is from Eighteen25.

Happy Spring!


  1. what are you talking about , going to work IS the best part of April ;)

  2. So cute! Love the litle chick in the egg. I stopped at Home Sense the other day and was dissapointed with their lack of cute easter decor. I did get a nice surprise when I found the Easter bunny that I had bought last year and totally forgot about!


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