Monday, May 30, 2011

New Pillows

While in Arizona, I picked up some home decor fabric that was on sale at Jo-Ann Fabric's. My colors in my living room are red and medium green. Most reds don't look good on my dark couch (I won't go this dark next couch purchase) but I came across a pattern that I knew it would be perfect.

The green pattern is kind of a risky choice. But I saw it and then saw the price and thought, maybe one pillow in it for summer might be nice fun and different?! Bad choice?

I just sewed simple covers with a slit opening in the back.

A little hint that i have found. Use NICE pillow inserts when you are sewing your own pillow covers. Out of all the pillow covers I have attempted to sew over the years, they always turn out best if I use a Pottery Barn pillow insert! I am sure there are other really good inserts but I have yet to personally come across them. The Pottery Barn ones are very thick and are made with feathers... maybe that makes all the difference?

I bought at the end of the season sale last year outdoor pillows from Restoration Hardware. The pillows are blue with grey stripes, but due to the small outdoor living space in our rental, the only thing I have outside if a small bistro table and chairs set. These pretty pillows are too big for the chairs. 
But the two matching pillows that have been on my couch (see below) over the last 8 months happen to also be outdoor pillows purchased at Superstore at the end of the season. 

They are about half the thickness and a few inches shorter. Since the cover isn't removable, they have gotten pretty nasty on my couch due to baby spit up and food. I decided these would be the best cushions for outside. I went to our local one and only fabric store and started the hunt for blue and grey outdoor fabric. Mostly everything I could find was blue and brown. As I was about to leave I spotted the perfect fabric in the clearance section and the best part was it was only $7 a meter. Sold!

Any day now I am going to be attempting to plant some flowers in two pots I recently purchased at JYSK. Never planted flowers before (my mom did them for me but now I live 8 hours from here). Wish me luck! 

Friday, May 27, 2011

West Elm Pillow

Happy Friday! It's pouring rain in Regina, but we are hoping it goes away so we can go out and play! I just pulled out the paint and going to start painting a few projects. If we can't go outside and have fun on a Friday, I might as well have fun inside!

While in Arizona I found a perfect pillow from West Elm that matched a throw I have from my days working at Pottery Barn.

It wasn't even on my couch for more than 24 hours when Boston found his first pen, figured out the click mechanism and drew on my brand new pretty pillow!
I quickly went online to find out how to remove pen from fabric. I tried it all... only to have it NOT come out and in the end the pillow looks even worse than if I had just left the ink. The color faded where I scrubbed and applied all the "guaranteed" household products.

My mother in law is headed back to Arizona in July and she said she would pick me up another one, but i'm still sad.

Next post, MORE pillows! But pillows that make me Happy!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boston's First Birthday Party

Remember this post a while back...

Well both parties turned out GREAT! Koston's party was back in March and Boston's party was April 30th. Here are some decor pictures of Boston's party. It's simple but this was my first party I have ever thrown and people kept telling me, it is only his first birthday he isn't going to remember any of it... so I did try to keep it pretty simple and inexpensive.

Cake pan is from Williams Sonoma, the top says "Cookie"

It was hard having a party 8 hours away from your own house and comfort zone, but it still turned out good (i think, my guest might have a different option). Thanks to my mother in law who let me use her house and for my mother who let me use all her pretty glass jars!

My friend and I are already thinking about next year's party theme. It is fun party planning with a friend. Two heads brainstorming and two wallets purchasing!

Monday, May 23, 2011


I am back from a long vacation! We spent time with both of our families in Alberta and then we drove down to Great Falls and flew to Arizona! Scott's parents own a place down there and we all went together.

We love Arizona. We love the sun. The perfect weather. The Pool.

We Love the free place to stay. The car we don't have to Rent. The Mexican Food. Cheesecake Factory. The People. The $1 Movie Rentals. The Beautiful Roads. The $400 flight for 2 adults and a lap child.

And most of all... We (I) LOVE the Shopping!
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