Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boston's First Birthday Party

Remember this post a while back...

Well both parties turned out GREAT! Koston's party was back in March and Boston's party was April 30th. Here are some decor pictures of Boston's party. It's simple but this was my first party I have ever thrown and people kept telling me, it is only his first birthday he isn't going to remember any of it... so I did try to keep it pretty simple and inexpensive.

Cake pan is from Williams Sonoma, the top says "Cookie"

It was hard having a party 8 hours away from your own house and comfort zone, but it still turned out good (i think, my guest might have a different option). Thanks to my mother in law who let me use her house and for my mother who let me use all her pretty glass jars!

My friend and I are already thinking about next year's party theme. It is fun party planning with a friend. Two heads brainstorming and two wallets purchasing!

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