Friday, May 27, 2011

West Elm Pillow

Happy Friday! It's pouring rain in Regina, but we are hoping it goes away so we can go out and play! I just pulled out the paint and going to start painting a few projects. If we can't go outside and have fun on a Friday, I might as well have fun inside!

While in Arizona I found a perfect pillow from West Elm that matched a throw I have from my days working at Pottery Barn.

It wasn't even on my couch for more than 24 hours when Boston found his first pen, figured out the click mechanism and drew on my brand new pretty pillow!
I quickly went online to find out how to remove pen from fabric. I tried it all... only to have it NOT come out and in the end the pillow looks even worse than if I had just left the ink. The color faded where I scrubbed and applied all the "guaranteed" household products.

My mother in law is headed back to Arizona in July and she said she would pick me up another one, but i'm still sad.

Next post, MORE pillows! But pillows that make me Happy!


  1. Oh no! That's why I don't think we'll actually buy anything "nice and new" for our living room until all the kids are bigger! My couch is covered in marker.

  2. Oh sad! The worst part is that it won't be the last thing to be ruined at the hands of the little ones :(

  3. I know what that's like ;) haha!!! Good thing he's sooo cute!

  4. Sorry about the pillow, that sucks :( At least you'll have a nice new one to look forward to!


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