Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Newest Addition

I purchased this on Saturday at a garage sale close to my house. I was looking for something a bit smaller, but I am going to test this out and see if it will work for a "makeup table"! I am having a hard time finding anything cheap enough and small enough in this small town. I have seen a few desk but they have all been over $55. Not worth it, if i am going to be spending money on paint, hardware and sandpaper. Now just to find the time to make it beautiful! 
Best part... if it doesn't work it was only $5!


  1. Woah! Can I tell you how jealous I am. I have been looking forever for a desk like that......and $5, what a steal! Have fun making it over.

  2. That will be so fun! I love remaking things right's addicting!


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