Friday, July 1, 2011

Money Jar Update

Here is the good and the bad after our first month ATTEMPTING money jars...

 1. First time we left to go to the grocery store to buy food with the cash, we were almost at Superstore and I realized I forgot the jar. Had to turn around and go back home.

2. Wasn't quite 2 full weeks on the jars and scott took his visa back and said he needed it for emergencies. That night he told me he used the visa to buy a diet coke. Didn't realize coke was an emergency :)

3. Using baby food jars, wasnt the best idea. They fit the bills perfectly but add in some change and then the bills are too tall for the jars. Also the paint is chipping... I throw the jar into my purse and too many things are rubbing up against the jars and chipping the paint. I'm assuming I should have primed the lids before I spray painted them yellow?

4. Start of week 4 on the jars and we ran out of money. I took my debt card back and started using that again :(

TODAY is a new MONTH! Money is in the jars and ready for a very successful month! I'm also going to be on the search for a new jar idea. I can use large baby food jars, but I was saving those for spice jars and I'm afraid even if I prime the lids firsts, they will still chip. I could use just simple plastic zip lock bags or envelopes. Any ideas?


  1. We found some little containers at the dollar store to use as jars. They are tall and narrow and have snap on lids - no paint to chip, and tall enough for bills and coins!

  2. Love it! Keep up the hard work..........I would have run out of money too, lol.
    I have found some cute plastic jars maybe search for a few. Can't wait to hear about this month.

  3. Try envelopes! You could make some really cute ones with scrapbook paper.

  4. I agree with the envelope idea. My sister went cash only a long time ago and they use simple white envelopes. They are compact so they fit is purses, pockets, whatever. Plus it's not obvious that you're carrying around a jar full of cash. They used a photo box to store their envelopes at home. I like the idea from Steve and Alli - make some from scrapbooking paper to spice things up. When they get torn up, toss them. I wonder if you could laminate them some way for durability before folding? Hm....

  5. I'm excited to hear how this goes. I love it as a budgeting tool. Where can I find more info on it?

  6. good job! Just keep working at it. I would totally run out of money too. I've been trying to keep track of our groceries and somehow I blew like half the budget this past week and I even meal planned. Hmm...not always easy, but worth the learning right?? What about using some kind of accordian folder thing? You could put your envelopes in there so they don't get torn. Just an idea.


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