Monday, September 26, 2011

Where Did I Go?

I’ve been without a computer for over a month now. It is FINALLY fixed, but we lost almost everything!

I have most of my important pictures backed up (like our wedding and when Boston was born) but did lose enough to be sad. I also lost years and year’s worth of documents and craft ideas. I spent years in church callings that required invitations, sign up sheets, organization documents and it is all gone. I also lost all my music, but I was in need of a music de-clutter and Scott has thousands of songs I can take off his computer. I was able to save my journal (which doesn’t have that many entries) and also my list of all my account numbers, user names and passwords (it was a huge list).

My computer has been fixed for a few days, but I’m afraid to go on it. I know it is going to hit me with everything I lost when I get on and nothing is there.

I don’t want to blame anyone but…. my husband has taken fault! The reason it took so long to fix was because he couldn’t believe he broke it because he knows computers. He tried everything before he finally gave in and took it into the computer repair store to get a new hard drive installed and sadly gave up on recovering my data.

He told me he would buy me something to try and get my forgiveness! Anyone have any suggestions on what he should buy me??!!


  1. Oh Tara........that is just the sadest thing ever. I do however like the way you think about a forgiveness present!!!
    Maybe he could get you a portable hard drive so you can back up everything all the time ;)


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