Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Centre Pieces

I need your help! I am trying to come up with an inexpensive DIY centre piece for my church christmas party. I am borrowing these great vintage canning jars from a friend and trying to come up with a filler for the inside. I did the christmas party last year, so i am reusing the green branches and bought new berries this year. The centre piece last year wasn't see through and a tad smaller, so i am stuck on ideas. I have also tried, ornaments inside, but those either don't look nice or they don't fit. I also have thought about popcorn, but Boston isn't fully sleeping yet and i don't want to wake him.

What is everyones pick? Or take your favourite and make adjustments. Or trust tell me to scratch these and start all over again!

The one that looks like ice is water and saran wrap. Thanks Liam for the idea!

And also what should i put the jar on? The stripes in the first few pictures were from last year and the red dots are a napkin. But open to any cheap idea.

I should mention the party is Saturday and i am busy doing a lot of other things for the party plus going to work every day. Please suggest nothing time consuming ;)


  1. I like #2 best out of all of them.


  2. The ice looks really cool. I like the red ribbon on the jars the best.
    The one with just marshmallows also is nice.


  3. You are so creative! I love the marshmallows, fabric and ribbon and I would add the candycane to it too. Can't wait to see what you decide.


  4. um i like the iced one (maybe im bias) looks a little more.. classy. marshmellows are a little too umm.... kiddy? to me. I also like the red band thingy, not the snowflakes. and i like the red dots under with maybe a tea light or whatever, but i could also leave the tea light out.

  5. actually i like number 2 the best as well. not dots, stripped with ice.

  6. Weston and I both Vote for #2, although Weston is partial to the snowflake ribbon with the striped fabric. Good luck! Looks great!

  7. I vote no ribbon. The one with the candy cane is my favorite, but the Saran wrap "ice" is nice too.

  8. I like the ice water look with the red ribbon. Much more elegant not as busy.

  9. #2 and the candy cane.


  10. #2 with the striped fabric would be my vote.


  11. They are all cute! I like 2 though if I had to pick only one :)


  12. Tara, where you line the inside of the jar with tissue paper, you could use the Christmas theme tissue and drop an flame less candle inside and it's so stinking cute.



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